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SmartWatch provides access control solutions for two of our major theme parks, as well as scores of office buildings and businesses in Central Florida.  Please view our projects page for a partial list and example of clients we have served locally.

Benefits of Access Control

An Access Control System (ACS) gives you complete control 24/7, regardless of whether your site consists of one building or many buildings. Not only does an ACS let you control door, elevator, parking lot, or garage access, but it can be setup to let you monitor buildings with CCTV surveillance systems.

SmartWatch has a wide selection of access control hardware and software packages to match your exact needs and will assist you in implementing a system that gives you unlimited latitude in how you manage your operation, whether its one or multiple buildings in your system.

In addition to cards, there is an assortment of tags, keyfobs and tokens available.  Contact us to learn more on how an Access Control System from SmartWatch can help you better manage your facility.
The foundational principle of Access Control is to deny access by default if access rights have not been granted explicitly.
  Access Control    a basic example ...

Regulate and monitor access at entry & exit doors and other points. From 24 hour access, to time-zone limited access, you set specific conditions for each individual at every door.   Allow office employees to enter via the lobby door after 8:00 am, yet allow factory employees to enter via a side door after 7:00 am, and only if a supervisor has arrived.  Set the lobby door to automatically unlock from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, allowing visitors unrestricted access to the reception area.  In the event that staff is delayed by bad weather or an emergency, the "First Person In" feature will keep doors locked until an authorized individual has arrived and presented credentials.  Assign individuals to door groups based on access needs and security levels.  Software records all door activity for a complete audit trail, which is easily compiled into a report.   Your system can also be integrated with other systems for an even greater degree of management and security
Lenel Indestructable iClass Prox / Keypad Reader
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