Large and small organizations throughout the world trust Gallagher to deliver world-class thinking that addresses their most significant issues of security and risk management, personnel workflow and business continuity.  Whether you need standalone perimeter security through to software controlled, business-connected security solutions, Gallagher has the answer.

Gallagher is a true 'one-stop-shop' delivering complete systems from software through to hardware.  As a manufacturer, Gallagher takes pride in delivering quality solutions.
Gallagher's innovations deliver much more than just business continuity, our products and solutions offering new opportunities for customers to improve their businesses. This is what underpins our drive to become the global leader in security solutions.

Gallagher's Software Maintenance allows customers to stay up-to-date with new technology platform evolutions, incremental functional improvements and maintain compatibility with the latest Microsoft operating platforms. As a Microsoft Partner, Gallagher is future focused and places major importance in integration platform, technologies and business drivers.
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Gallagher is truly customer inspired innovations come through developing a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses to discover what they really need from a security solution.