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If you’re looking for out-of-the-box access control that’s simple yet sophisticated, goEntry 3.0 is the perfect choice. It’s web-based; no server needed. It’s easy to install and operate; no special training or added software required. It’s ready for fast integration with TruVision™ surveillance recorders and cameras for complete video capabilities. And along with a cost-effective price today, you’re also ready for tomorrow. goEntry 3.0 is from the access control leader, Lenel, so in the future, you can move up to an enterprise solution as your needs grow. As Lenel integrates goEntry with OnGuard®, you will be able to choose your level of management: local to central, or a hybrid in between – and easily modify as requirements evolve.

There’s much more, like an iPad® app for untethered, remote control… capabilities for up to 64 doors and cameras… simplified wizard-based installation…and more. Take a look and see why goEntry 3.0 is the ideal “go-to” solution.
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Easy-yet-advanced Access Control for today and tomorrow.