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Analog and IP Visible Light Cameras

FLIR analog and IP video security cameras are available in three performance tiers: Summit, Echelon, and Pinnacle Series. Each series includes indoor/outdoor dome cameras and bullet cameras. The SynchroIP line of HD IP cameras has ONVIF 2.1 conformance, making it interoperable with popular VMS and NVR solutions.

Rock-Solid Security

Anywhere. Anytime.

FLIR’s line-up of video security cameras, recorders, and software is more complete than ever, for the total solution you need.

Now combining industry-leading CCTV security cameras and DVR/NVRs along with our cutting edge thermal security cameras, FLIR gives you rock-solid video security coverage with cameras that see in visible, near-IR, and thermal.

Thermal security cameras complement and complete your network of CCTV security cameras by turning night into day, giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye. Our complete range of affordable IP and analog thermal security cameras let you see more, and see farther, than any other video surveillance technology around.

Thermal Security Cameras

FLIR thermal security cameras come in fixed, pan/tilt, and dome configurations, standard 640x480 resolution, are network ready, available with a variety lens options, and provide both analog and digital video outputs, making them the perfect solutions for point-to-point and networked security imaging applications.


FLIR DVRs and NVRs give you the most popular, networkable recording options on the market today. The new FLIR 960H line of DVRs has 34% more resolution than standard D1 recorders, and the innovative SynchroIP NVR gives you full 1080p HD recording, plus integrated PoE ports for easy setup.