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The TruVision™ line brings the benefits of digital security monitoring to commercial applications. Easy to install and operate, TruVision cameras, recorders, monitors and interfaces deliver practical and reliable video surveillance, even in the most challenging environments. For complete security on a moderate budget, the TruVision line is the perfect fit.

TruVision Navigator 5
With an open platform providing a flexible migration path to IP, TruVision Navigator 5 represents the ideal VMS. It's not only easy to install and use, but also offers greater scalability to accommodate future growth. Plus, when used with the new TruVision Software Video Recorder (SVR), only a one-time licensing fee is required.

TruVision cameras are not only designed to deliver superior image quality, but also to perform seamlessly with a variety of video management software and recorders for optimal security and performance. Our interactive IP/VMS Compatibility tool makes it easy to determine the ideal camera option for specific applications.
The ultraView™ line.  Network and analog cameras, including PTZ, Infrared, Fixed and Covert options, that deliver superior optical quality for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications