VESDA LaserPLUS is the main product of the VESDA range.

It's modular design allows multiple product configurations to more closely meet customer requirements. 
The detector assembly contains the laser detection chamber, high efficiency aspirator, monitored filter cartridge, control electronics, and relay interface. The detector assembly can be used as a "distributed" system, with the display, programmer, and VESDAnet socket modules mounted in a remote location. Alternatively, the detector assembly can be configured as a self-contained system by replacing the detector's blank panels with the display and/or programming modules.
Product Configurations:
All detectors come with a head termination card (HTC) with 7 configurable relays, a configurable General Purpose Input (GPI) and VESDAnet socket. Just some of the configurations possible:
VLP-000, a standard LaserPLUS blank detector
VLP-400, a LaserPLUS detector with Fire and OK LEDs
VLP-002, a LaserPLUS detector with Display module
VLP-012, a LaserPLUS detector with a Programmer and Display module


Similar to VESDA LaserPLUS, however it allows the system to distinguish and identify the pipe carrying smoke, while sampling multiple sectors. The detection of smoke results in the system locating the sector in Alert. The VESDA LaserSCANNER detector will continue to sample from all sectors to monitor the fire growth and maintain full protection.  
Specific display modules are available for the VESDA LaserSCANNER configuration. LaserSCANNER's modular design allows multiple product configurations to more closely meet customer requirements.
Product Configurations
All detectors come with a head termination card (HTC) with either 7 or 12 configurable relays, a configurable General Purpose Input (GPI) and VESDAnet socket.
Some of the configurations possible:
VLS-300, a standard blank LaserSCANNER detector (12 Relays)
VLS-700, a LaserSCANNER detector with Fire and OK LEDs (12 Relays)
VLS-304, a LaserSCANNER detector with a LaserSCANNER Display module (12 Relays)
VLS-314, a LaserSCANNER detector with a Programmer and LaserSCANNER Display module (12 Relays)

VESDA System Management (VSM) is an intelligent, Windows? based graphics communication software.  It is a monitoring and administration tool that supports custom floor plans. VSM allows the user to operate, maintain, program and commission all the VESDA detectors on a single VESDAnet.   
Real time and historic events for a single detector, an area, or the entire facility can be collected, processed, and presented in either report or graphical format.

VSM3 Features:

• Complete system monitoring for LaserPLUS and LaserScanners
• Indication and acknowledgement* of all alarms and faults
• Comprehensive event logging and smoke trending
• Zone display representation
• Modem access
• Complete system status overview
• Simple device configuration
• Floor Plans*
• Password protection
• On-line help
• Off-line configuration of devices
• Drag and Drop addressing of devices Home
The System Relay Module (SRM) offers a cost effective and flexible alternative for system design, a single System Relay Module can report any fault or alarm condition that occurs on the VESDAnet loop, irrespective of its zone. This provides the end user with a variety of secondary reporting options that make early warning more cost effective at locations remote from the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).


Specifically designed for smaller areas, LaserCOMPACT offers a simple and cost effective solution to protect single environments, and small areas, including critical process tools (equipment).
The LaserCOMPACT supports 5 LEDs: Fire, Pre-Alarm/Alert, Fault, OK, Reset/Isolate. It has 3 relays on the termination card plus VESDAnet compatibility (VLC-505 version only). Possible Configurations:
VLC-500 (RO), Relays interfacing only and VLC-505 (VN), Relays and VESDAnet interfacing.
Display Module reports a visual representation of smoke levels, and all alarm and fault conditions on its corresponding VESDA detector. The internal sounder warns personnel in the local area that an alarm threshold has been reached, or a fault has occurred. Displays can be located at a convenient location ? either within the detector module, or remotely on the VESDAnet. For monitoring convenience, multiple displays can be associated with a single detector.
The Programmer Module allows the VESDA LaserPLUS system to be configured, commissioned and maintained. Only one programmer is required to support the entire network. It can be located either with a particular detector, or remotely for easy access. It is recommended that at least one programmer be permanently connected to the VESDAnet.
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