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  Paging vs Intercom Systems

Often when a business is looking for a commercial intercom, what they really may need is a telephone system along with an external paging system that allows employees to either call specific areas of the building, or with an external paging amplifier and speakers, they can page the entire building. However, there are times where a telephone system is not what is wanted.


Traditional analog intercoms are basically composed of substations calling into common master station(s), but many new features and interfacing options can be accomplished with the new intercom systems based on digital technology.  Video signals can be carried as well as voice.  Digital intercom is connected using CAT-5 style cable and can even use existing computer networks as a means of interfacing distant parties.  Many schools and office buildings now use audio / video systems to identify visitors trying to gain access to a locked building.  IC Systems can also be interfaced with the building's access control system.

  Emergency / Assistance Call Boxes (ECB)

When you need a way for clients, students, employees, or anyone else to communicate with you from distant areas of your campus or property, an intercom ECB is one way to do it. An ECB enables someone to press a button or pick up a handset and call a central location for assistance. Some also allow calling a portable radio so that assistance can be mobile. There are two main types, wired and wireless. A wired callbox involves running a cable to it from the central location. ECB’s are being used for applications like parking lots, college campuses, airports, hospitals, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, resorts, hotels, warehouses, delivery docks, gated facilities, or anywhere people may need assistance.